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Ever feel that no matter how hard you try, pray, regret and resolve you just can't seem to break certain habits? Or those old wounds keep reopening? Or old fears keep resurfacing? You want more than that out of life  and God wants more for you, too. This Summer we will find life-changing wisdom from an unlikely source, the Apostle Peter. A man whose personal struggles were as glaring as any, will point us to what gives the satisfying life we long for.            

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9:00 and 11:00
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west ridge kids

An exciting, fun environment for kids aged 6 weeks though 5th grade. Bring them once and they'll drag you back!

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students @ west ridge

A safe place to discover your faith, meet friends and find a home away from home.

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West Ridge Kids is a place where your kids have a great time finding out about what it means to have a friendship with God. A natural next step for older kids is Baptism.  This workshop equips parents to know when their child is ready.  This workshop will be held during 2nd service. Register here or contact Jimena with any questions.

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